A delegation from Bani ‘Amir requested the Holy Prophet (sa) to send them some people in order to preach to them [the message of Islam] so that they could also become familiar with Islam and so that their people could enter the fold of Islam. Their intentions in requesting this were malicious. As these people were not trustworthy, the Holy Prophet (sa) said that he feared that they would harm the convoy he was to send. Upon this, their leader, who had not yet accepted Islam, listened to his [the Holy Prophet’s (sa)] words and said, “I take responsibility of this and everyone will be under my protection.” Subsequently, the Holy Prophet (sa) sent a delegation to Bani ‘Amir. Haram (sa) bin Malhan was appointed the leader.

When the delegation reached its destination, Hazrat Haram (ra) bin Malhan became suspicious of their intentions. It was evident, even from a distance, that their intentions were not right. Hence, he said to his companions, “We should take some precautionary measures; everyone should not gather here together.” The reason for this was that if they ambushed all of them, they could cause them harm in a single instance. “Therefore, you should all stay here and I will go with one person [to them]. If they treat us appropriately, you can come as well. However, if they cause us harm then you may decide, according to the circumstances, whatever they may be, whether to return, fight them or to remain there. When Haram (ra) bin Malhan and his companion approached the people, the leader of Bani ‘Amir indicated to a person, who attacked Haram (ra) bin Malhan from behind with a spear. A fountain of blood gushed forth from his neck. He rubbed his blood on his hands and said, “By the Lord of the Ka’bah, I have succeeded. By the Lord of the Ka’bah, I have succeeded.”

After this, the other companion was also martyred, following which they attacked the remaining seventy people and martyred all of them, save one or two. As they were being brutally killed, after having been deceived, they prayed, “O Allah! Accept these sacrifices of ours and inform the Holy Prophet (sa) of this state of ours, as we have no means to do so.” Hence, Hazrat Gabriel conveyed to the Holy Prophet (sa) the Salam [salutation of peace] of the companions and informed him of their situation and the martyrdoms. The Holy Prophet (sa) informed his companions that all of them had been martyred.

As I mentioned, there were seventy companions. The Holy Prophet (sa) was greatly grieved by their martyrdoms. He prayed against those tribes for thirty days saying, “May Allah Himself seize and punish those who are guilty of this brutality.” The Holy Prophet (sa) declared those deaths to be extremely magnificent martyrdoms.

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